Hello and welcome in a world called Ingress.

Our world is invaded by the Shapers. An alien lifeform who fills this world with an Exotic Matter to bring civilisation to a higher level.
We think not. We think they are here to conquer our world. We fight against them, and against the Enlightened, the ones who embrace the Shapers.

Join us in our Augmented Reality quest to fight for the freedom of all people in this world.

Fight with us, join the Resistance!

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All About IngressAll About Ingress

All About Ingress

„An Augmented Reality game played by people all over the world.“

Ingress is a GPS based game which takes you to unique places all over the world.
Explore your neighbourhood and make new friends.
Go on a yourney together or just by yourself.
Defeat your enemy by destroying portals all over the world and expand you territory.
Earn medals and achievements to become stronger.

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  • Together

    We fight the Enlightened together as a team.

  • Excitement

    Rise your adrenaline with our Operations.

  • Journey

    Go on a journey alone or with friends.

  • Fun

    Drink and laugh with your fellow players.

  • CircusAapje

    „The anomaly in Stockholm was fantastic. The Swedisch are nice people and the environment is (as fas as i could see it) beautifull. I want to go back to Sweden to view the Swedisch landscapings and to spot a real moose!“

    „My first anomaly felt very special. You are really into the game, working strategically. Getting points for your team by working together as a team.“

    „During my Ingress years, i have met many people. Many of them became good friends. Also i made international friends. It is always a pleasure to see everyone again during an Anomaly or a Mission Day.“

  • justmeister

    „It keeps me in shape to walk a banner-mission once a while. Playing casual in the centre of the city or in other places.“

    „From the first time i played Ingress, i finally had the excuse to go out. Not being home all day on my computer and doing unusefull stuff.“

    „I have been to Germany, flew to Valencia for a long weekend and went to Prague with a few friends. Just because there were Mission Days at those times. The cities are fantastic and you are short of eyes to see everything.“

  • fietspomp

    „Being on the pier on the other side of the country, in the middle of the night, waiting to score some shards. Riding along the whole country to clear the way for creating big fields. Waiting in the middle of the night on a sign to link to the UK. Thats excitement!“

    „The longer i think of it, the more i realize we are doing fantastic things just by playing a game. I wouldnt imagine doing that five years ago.“

    „My conclusion is simple: Ingress has been and still is a very special experience in my life. And when its up to me, i will keep playing this game for a very long time!“

  • AgentRoka

    „When portals on the island Pampus needed to be destroyed for an operation, i got on an small airplane with another agent and we flew around the island a few times to achieve our goal. This was a fantastic experience for me!“

    „I am a mother of two young kids and have a fulltime job. I am not playing on daily bases to defend my area. I play for the events NIA organises. At first those events where a reason for me to take some me-time. Now a days they are my goals to give me the energy i need.“

    „London, Parijs, Tokyo, i would love to go everywhere. And of course i will take my childeren with me. They are playing Pokémon Go and we go on adventures together. Maybe in the future they will make the step to playing Ingress. On events i see families with smaller childeren more and more. It makes me happy. I am eager for the moment i can take my boys with me.“

  • ninaorton

    „Short after the introduction of Ingress i got an invite from Google Plus contacts and so i installed the game. In the beginning it was kinda weird, being outside by yourself and your phone making noise. Luckely i found our i could mute the sound.“

    „Ingress has so many varities which makes it interesting. One of the aspects is the social one. Walking across town with the others and having a beer. Another aspect is the moment when you receive a medal for your achievements and you will take the extra step to get more medals.“

    „Ingress is a game with two teams. Every team has its own interests. But we are all humans and sometimes you meet nice people who become friends and sometimes people you would normally not hang out with. I like it to go on a joint venture.“