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What is Ingress?

Ingress is a GPS based mobile game from Niantic Labs. The game takes you to unique places all over the world. Explore in your own neighbourhood and make new friends. Go on an adventure, with a group or by yourself.  

„An Augmented Reality game played by people from all over the world!“

But what does it mean? Discover the world by going to unique places, going in an adventure, exploring your neighbourhood. To explain Ingress in a few words, is not very easy. Its not just a game of Risk with friends at your dining table.
You use your phone to go out on the streets and to look for so-called portals. These portals can be monuments, special places or places where people come together. The places you discover must then be conquered when they are not yours yet. After that you can strengthen the portal by placing virtual items and link portals together to gather points for your team.

The game is played with two teams. A blue team, the Resistance. And a green team, the Enlightened. The story behind the game shows that those two teams have a different opinion about the coming of an alien lifeform. The green team embraces the coming of the so called Shapers. The blue team, our team, thinks they are dangerous and fights against them. By making all portals blue and strengthen them, we can control our world and resist the Shapers from taking over.
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